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Autumn Dynasty: Three Kingdoms

The third chapter in the award winning Autumn Dynasty series visits the turbulent times of the Three Kingdoms era. Autumn Dynasty 3 Kingdoms melds classic 4X grand strategy with intense real time tactics - all through a fluid command interface designed from the ground up for mobile touchscreens.


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  • Full RTS experience

    Train troops, construct buildings, research technologies, fight in real time!

  • Revolutionary control interface

    Command your armies with brush-strokes, paint battle plans directly onto the map!

  • Stunning Visuals

    Beautiful, oriental-style, painted maps-- and thousands of soldiers battling on screen!

  • Multiplayer Battles

    Go head to head against human opponents, over Internet or Bluetooth!


  • Ranked #1 in Paid Strategy Games, iPad in over 25 countries!

  • Featured on iTunes homepage in 78 countries

  • >80 reviews covered by gaming media